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After Flow Is Back

Reduce inflammation and ease period pain

Period pain relief that works.

Formulated by people with endometriosis and Cramps with a capital C. Because we're sick of taking pills too. Feel-good side effects only.

Formulas That Work

Backed by science and powered by plants, our Cramp Cream has 5X more pain relieving ingredients than other topical pain relievers.

Starter Kits


Recommended for people with moderate to severe period pain. This mess free castor oil treatment comes with everything you need stop period pain before it starts. + FREE custom embroidery.


This powerful trio of our best-sellers is the perfect pairing for an indulgent and effective pain relief routine that feels like a day at the spa.


A discovery trio of our fan favourite topical pain relievers. Includes a magnesium bath oil, anti-inflammatory body oil and our best-selling cramp cream.


Our products are powered by clean ingredients from nature, including plant-based oils, clays, and herbs.


We’re guided by the science of muscle recovery and the latest research on chronic pain.


The majority of our packaging is 100% compostable and made with renewable resources.

The Period Pain Simulator

With over 3 billion views our period cramp simulator activations are helping build empathy and spread awareness all across the world.


Flaxseed Heat Pad

Weighted and infused with chamomile essential oil, our signature heatpads hold heat 3X longer than rice packs.

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