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Want Your Own Period Pain Simulator?

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What is a period pain simulator?

The period pain simulator is a device that works by sending small electrical impulses directly to abdominal muscles, causing it to contract in a similar way to how prostaglandins induce muscle contractions during menstruation.

Can I hire the period pain simulator?

Yes! If you are interested in booking a workshop or event with the Period Pain Simulator please complete the form below.

Watch the period pain simulator in action

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Period pain is not normal.

Why we use the period pain simulator

Period pain affects 80% of people who menstruate. Despite this staggering number, many people with period pain continue to have their pain dismissed and invalidated, and receive little to no support in places like schools or the workplace.

Our mission is to improve the lives of people who menstruate. We use the period pain simulator to bring awareness to the frequent and sometimes debilitating pain that we experience by giving the other 50% an opportunity to walk a mile or two in our shoes.

Our goal with the period pain simulator is to shift culture towards a more compassionate and understanding future where people with period pain are believed and supported. 

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We know that in order to make a significant impact on reducing the stigma around period pain, everyone needs to be engaged in the conversation. To date, our period pain simulator videos have been viewed over one billion times across media channels and featured in over 200 publications. That's a lot of people talking about period pain and endometriosis!

Lux Perry | CEO + Co-Founder

I had my first experience with debilitating period pain when I was hospitalized for it at 9 years old. For the next 15 years, I was passed from physician to physician, trying to find answers and relief. I spent a decade on birth control and other medications to combat the side effects. None of it worked, shaping my adolescence by my experience with period pain and the shame that came with it.

After growing into myself and unraveling the shame I had built up in my body over the years, I finally began my deep dive into research about chronic pain, while improving and healing my sexual wellness. I found relief for the first time in my life. To my surprise, pleasure and embodiment brought me more relief than medication ever did. 

Eventually I joined a sports recovery company and learned, for the first time, that period cramps are muscle cramps. This led me to wonder, what if we took the science of muscle recovery and applied it to period pain?

Converging my experiences and teaming up with my co-founders who also suffer from chronic pain, we launched somedays in 2021. Now, we offer the most comprehensive period pain relief line in North America. Our team looks forward to helping people find real relief, advocating for their stories, and transforming their relationship to pain – through the power of pleasure.