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Somedays X Syd Larcher tea cup somedays

Somedays X Syd Larcher


Somedays X Syd Larcher

Limited Edition Tea Set

Syd Larcher brings the ritual of Raspberry Relief Tea to life with this limited edition tea set. Each 8 oz vessel is hand-made and slow-dried. A black underglaze is carefully applied to the bottom and then finished with a dip in a volcanic ash glaze for a perfectly imperfect cup of self-love.
Set of
Ethically Sourced
Gluten & Caffeine Free
Made in Canada
a note from

Syd Larcher

"I have endometriosis, and have struggled through many painful periods before getting diagnosed as an adult. Pottery helps to keep me grounded, and allows me to focus on something other than the pain. It also keeps me grounded when I feel like my hormones are throwing my mind off balance. Not just with period pain, but also in my daily life, my pottery practice helps me to be present in life and connected to my body."

caring for your ceramics

In order to preserve the life of your ceramics, we recommend gently washing each piece by hand with warm, soapy water and leaving out to air dry. Microwave safe, however please note that extreme changes in heat may cause your piece to crack. If properly cared for, your ceramics could last many lifetimes.


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