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How to Use Seed Cycling To Bring Ritual and Intention To Your Menstrual Cycle

How to Use Seed Cycling To Bring Ritual and Intention To Your Menstrual Cycle

We all share the same moon. It is universal, consistent in its appearance in the sky and it shows up every night. Influencing the tides and influencing all of us, Feminine in spirit, the moon energetics are Yin to the Sun’s Yang. From its brightest and fullest point, to its darkest days, the moon is always there. 

Often periods are considered a hassle, messy, something we must be discrete about. This thought pattern needs to be disrupted.

Menstruation is essential to life and the way our body mimics the moon cycle. Bring intention to your moontime by taking space during the month to acknowledge what is happening, check in with yourself and naturally support your body. 

Before artificial light, erratic schedules and toxic environments got in the way, menses ebbed and flowed with the moon. Seed cycling is a tool to connect us to the true energy of our flow. It is based on the idea that ovulation and menstruation align with the moon. It is a way to consciously slow down and connect to your menses. Seed Cycling is a very low risk intervention and puts a focus on food first.

Although there isn’t a clear scientific study heralding the success of Seed Cycling, there are many proven benefits when we increase fiber, good fats and minerals. 

The first half of your cycle is called the Follicular phase, which traditionally relates to the time from the New Moon to the Full Moon. This is the time of DOING. This is when your body starts to build a lining and prepare for an egg to be released from your ovary. Estrogen peaks right before ovulation. Consider your follicle like the moon growing and growing until it is released at its peak.       

During the Luteal phase, or the second half of your cycle, your body is preparing for possible implantation. Full moon to New Moon and a time of BEING.

Progesterone rises and then falls before menses. The release of the egg happens at the full moon and now moves towards your uterus, where it slowly breaks down until it is released with your menses. Seed cycling is promoting the hormones that rise during these two phases. 

How To Use Seed Cycling


 Eat seeds!

 First half of your cycle (day one of menses to day 14 or ovulation) 

  • 1 tbsp each flax seeds and pumpkin seeds  

  • I like ground flax on my oatmeal, in my salads and put it in baking. Pumpkin seeds are one of my go-to snacks 

 Second half of your cycle from (day 14 till you start to bleed) 

  • 1 tbsp each sesame seeds and sunflower seeds  

  • I use tahini and black sesame seeds and snack on sunflower seeds 

Grinding your seeds as needed is the best. If you grind ahead of time, keep your ground seeds in a sealed jar in the fridge. For the more adventurous - make yourself date balls with the seeds and set up your dose for the month. See recipe below. 

For those who are not currently menstruating or using the moon as your guide, and depending on your goals, you can start on the new moon or the full moon. The new moon is a time to birth new ideas; the full moon is a time to make things happen.  

Who Should Use Seed Cycling


  • Anyone who is suffering from pain associated with ovulation or menstruation 

  • Great tool for people who are currently anovulatory or coming off hormonal birth control 

  • People who want to learn more about their cycle 

  • Those who like making healthy snacks 

You can use Seed Cycling at any time. It is a great way to gain a conscious connection with where you are at with your cycle. Through your intention with feeding yourself with nourishing seeds every day of the month, you will become more aware of your needs and desires and how they change.  

Anyone can benefit from increasing their fiber and their healthy fats, connecting with the energy of the moon and the tides. Nourishing ourselves is essential. Honour the feminine energy in you and take a conscious pause to acknowledge the rhythms around you. Make check-ins with yourself a daily ritual to stay grounded with our universe. 

Seed Cycling Snack Balls Recipes 


1 cup of pitted dates 

½ cup of coconut oil 

½ cup of cocoa 

¼ cup of hemps seeds 

¼ cup of coconut flakes 

¼ cup of maple syrup 

½  cup of ground seeds  Flax -follicular / Sesame - luteal 

½  cup of seed butter Pumpkin -follicular /Sunflower- luteal  

Can add spices like cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla and/or add-ons like coconut, hemp seeds, mushroom powder, and collagen. 

  1. Mix nut/seed butter and maple syrup together and stir well.  

  1. This is the time to add chosen seasonings should you wish, although the balls are tasty enough on their own.   

  1. Gradually, stir in the seed meals until evenly distributed throughout the nut butter mixture.   

  1. Stir in dried fruit.   

  1. Form into 1 inch balls and roll in coconut.  

  1. Store in a dark container in the fridge. This makes enough for 2 weeks (they make a quick, easy, yummy snack that are a great option in the event of a sweet craving or mild hunger) 

Dr. Giselle is a Naturopathic doctor who helps busy people have more energy through a seasonal, holistic approach to health. A naturopath physican practicing for over 17 years, and a birth doula her approach is realistic, resourceful, and radical. Her treatments include digestive health tests, hormone testing, stress management, lifestyle support, annual check-up, and herbal remedies like custom teas and tinctures. 

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