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Bleeding Beyond the Binary: People Have Periods

Bleeding Beyond the Binary

A letter from the founder:

I have always said that my queerness is my favourite thing about myself. It’s like an internal playground that I have the pleasure of frolicking around on every single day of my life.

The beauty of playgrounds is that the only limit is your imagination. The adventure is purely guided by your own desire, experience and willingness to create something out of nothing.

As a queer and non binary person I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by people with infinite imaginings of what life could and can be. When you are forced to unpack your own understanding of yourself, your identity, your sexuality, your gender you learn that the possibility of a better world is within reach because you have felt it. You yourself have transformed and thus you believe that all people, all systems also hold this potential.

Somedays is driven by the belief and trust in these possibilities.

We know that creating deep systemic change in the way we approach chronic pain demands imagination. We must tear down the belief that pain is normal and acceptable and rebuild a system that validates, believes and cares about pain.

Although it may seem obscure - this theory of change is rooted in queerness. It is for this reason that I feel a deep obligation to honouring the gift of this knowledge by including queer and trans people in everything we do.

Our People Have Periods campaign is our way of capturing and sharing these gifts with the world. Each and everyone of the people in this campaign have forged their own reality. They dared to imagine a world full of love and celebration. So we join them today in celebrating all of the possibility for change in a world that so desperately needs it. We celebrate this by showing up. With minds and hearts wide open.

With love and gratitude,

Lux / Alexa

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